Productivity Coaching gives professionals one-on-one, expert guidance to boost their game. It gives them a personalized regimen to build the muscles of productivity in a way that helps them have the impact they want.

Productivity Coaching is built on the productivity framework of Productivity Powers™ - the fundamental skills sets of high-performance needed in today's hyperconnected world of work and life. Productivity Coaching is customized to the participant's situation, needs, style, and aspirations.

Coaching engagements typically focus on work methods - setting up "the game" - the full repertoire of productive routines, systems, tools, and habits that combine to create a solid foundation for daily achievement. 

Coaching engagements may also target a specific topic, such as getting control over email, or setting up better task management protocols.  Often, Productivity Coaching engagements help the participant assess their overall productivity "fitness," and identify opportunities and strategies for strength building. Based on the client’s needs, Productivity Coaching may move into Career Design Coaching and/or Productive Leader Coaching.

Productivity Coaching is solution-focused and highly practical. It is about trying out tested techniques to acheive productivity goals - whether it is to decrease overwhelm, stress, distractedness, or time-wasters; or increase control, confidence, clarity, or achievement - or all of the above, and more.

The techniques and strategies are grounded in findings about how our brains, bodies, and minds work best. However, the coaching isn't simply a philosophical or intellectual endeavor. It is roll-up-your-sleeves real. It is about experimenting, tinkering, and refitting to get results and make a change for the better. 

The coaching package (number of sessions) depends on the specific needs and aspirations of the client.