Career Design Coaching helps you plot and pursue a professional path that suits you.

The future is here, and it looks like this: highly networked, virtual, mobile, collaborative, ever-changing. Today’s professionals are on the move and inventing new ways to work. The prescribed, predictable career trajectory has given way to a different, more entrepreneurial career mode.

Professionals are innovating their career pathways by “remixing” capabilities, experience, and skills to progress in directions that best suit and satisfy them – whether it’s to run their own business, join the ranks of the gig economy, re-enter the workforce, craft their job in a way that provides opportunities to give their best, or make moves in their organization or field.

They are pivoting, leaping, detouring, designing, and winding their way into work they care about. They are building a repertoire of capability and perspective that uniquely positions them to meet new opportunities and challenges productively.


Career Design Coaching gives you a structure and forum to:

  • Create an inventory of your skills, aptitudes, and experiences

  • Capture your purpose, goals, values, preferences, motivators, and aspirations

  • Clarify your value and voice

  • Communicate your story

  • Consider career options

  • Construct a productive network

  • Connect and position your unique value to specific opportunities

  • Compose a plan of action and make progress on it

Why coaching?

The reason to hire a coach is simple and straightforward: expertise and accountability.   Whether you want to increase competence, try something new, achieve a goal, make a change, or venture outside the comfort zone, it’s easy to spin your wheels or stall when left to your own devices and faced with the demands of a full life.

A coach helps to amplify your aims by bringing needed expertise and keeping the focus on your goals.

A coach uses inquiry and draws on curated input (data, models, frameworks, techniques) to address your specific needs and expand your options and opportunities for skillful action. 

Career Design Coaching starts where you are and helps you to take the steps to get to where you want to go.