Work Process Design sessions guide participants to build a better work process for a team function or business activity. These sessions help participants design a workflow that is clear, efficient, and gets the job done.

The Work Process Design sessions are a facilitated process in which participants upgrade a work process by eliminating bottlenecks, role ambiguity, confusion, redundancy, and rework. Or, they create a new work process from the ground up, so that they start the work on the right foot.

In the Work Process Design Sessions, the users of a work process (participants) have a hand in creating or improving the process. This user engagement builds credibility, investment, and team alignment from the start.

The Work Process Design engagement can help get everyone on the same page with clear documentation and tools to record working agreements, onboard new team members, educate stakeholders and clients, strengthen team coordination, or run the work process with ease. Tools may include work process maps, role definition charts, checklists, decision-making criteria, and templates, as needed.