No time to learn how to get more productive? Then the Productivity Microcourse Series may be for you.

The Productivity Microcourse Series delivers practical, tested productivity tips and tricks on focused topics in short 40-minute "information bursts." These micro-courses are perfect for the busy professional who has little time for training, but is looking for some immediate, commonsense ways to manage work better, save time, and produce results. Participants can take one micro-course, several, or the whole series. 


  • Duration: Each micro-course is 40 minutes
  • Series: At least three stand-alone micro-courses in a series
  • Recommended Class Size: 20-30
  • Delivery Options: Can be delivered on the same day or over time


  • Practical, tested tips and curated strategies for an immediate productivity boost
  • Concentrated focus on a topic with minimum time investment
  • Bite-sized, relevant information

Productivity Micro-courses

  • Take Charge of Your Inbox
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Upgrade Your To Do List
  • Make Meetings Matter
  • Harness the Power of Habit
  • Make Stress Work
  • Use Your Brain: How Brain Science Can Make You More Productive
  • Other topics upon request

Productivity Clinics

The Productivity Clinic is an optional add-on delivered after the Productivity Micro-course series. Micro-course participants may elect to attend a productivity clinic session for hands-on guidance from the instructor in applying the strategies from the micro-courses. Participants bring their laptops, so they can implement the strategies from the micro-courses. 

Power Tool Productivity Micro-courses

This series of productivity micro-courses focuses on how to get the most out of digital tools. Whether it's Outlook, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or OneNote, most people skim the surface when it comes to what they can do to amp up productivity. These micro-courses provide tips on how to use specific digital tools for better focus, efficiency, and collaboration.

  • Make Email a Power Tool
  • Make Your Calendar a Power Tool
  • Make Your To Do List a Power Tool
  • Make Box/Drop Box/Google Drive a Power Tool 
  • Make Your iPad a Power Tool: Productivity Apps